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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. occupied oakland protesters square off with police in the city of ñkñoakland, çkwhat pro police to move in on [)frank ogawa plaza? at this hour a cleanup is underway and we will tell you what the city is doing to avoid scenes like this and why they are doing it now. a fire in the east bay, the reason everybody ñ-got out safely. he ehad a gun and was not afraid to use it, the violent ñ- confrontation between a 90-year- ktvu channel 2 news continues. news. well, goodé@çmorning to t it çkis thursday january 5th, i am dave clark.
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>> and let's go to steve paulsen for the forecast. it is cool and cold out there, mostly sunny weather ñnan we will have a easterly breeze instead of westerly with a little more fog by the coast. here is sal. xsteve, good morning, looking at the freeways, there are definitely ñ-more people coming on the freeways than we had in >ñthe 5:00 hour but sti plenty of room for you. if you leave soon you can look at 80 westbound odnjñzdwhic good as you drive out to the mcarthur maze but certainly more people are joining us. 601 am it testimony let's go back to dave and pam -- 6:01 let's go back to dave and pam. alex d4÷savage joins us now from outside city hall to tell us about the latest raid ñnñwñ targeting a teepee. >> reporter: good ñ-morning pam protesters are calling ñnthis a
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unwarned -- unwarranted raid where the teepee was purely symbolic but ñ-police moved in and removed the structure. although demonstrators would not give you eñ-kwill [kñwithou fight. >> kq/$-ñ-e5ñ+;]-ñnç)mñwkñ-w gear showed up at frank ogawa plaza around 11:30 last night roughly a dozen people arrested although police could not provide a oñ-specific number. police scññ-pushed back spectat who j:@çhad been holding vigil then they came in and tore down a teepee. protesters had a permit but earlier the city revoked the permit because they said overnight camping was going on and that violates the rules of the permit but the city did not give them enough warning. >> they are upset about the fact that ñ-we are claiming
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public space and we are here and present and we are practicing our civil rights and they said we have had enough ñ- hsrq u$eénobviously can do wha they want and break ñ-çzkbthe l themselves. >> reporter: occupied oakland protesters originally put ñ-the teepee up back in november after the original encampment at frank ogawa plaza was taken down. they say there ñnwas no overnig camping and they say they plan on maintaining a presence and they will be çkstaging a they wilcity hall. ing a live in oakland alex savage ktvu ñkkñchannel 2 -x=knews. in oakland ñn there was a heated debate. that q[dkshow
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five -- affective on five cases. uc davis police were shown on video spraying peaceful protesters with pepper spray as well. they went off waking up oakland residents to a nearby çk fire. firefighters rushed to 30th street right near 12th where they found çka fire in an ñn apartment that was undergone trucks. the fire department said an ñ- electrical heater was to blame. ñ-now this happened at 11:2n on 20th street and mark kit. a white car and mini-van ñnende up in çka fence. it is not clear how this srf@nhee[=;v-ñ.nñnñ;kmnu=5?kç- in ça-one of those ñ-vehicles. no reports çkhave been issued.
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/ñ? in san francisco, claud wong ñnis in chinatown where a happening already, claudine? >> reporter: good morning, pam year of ñ-the dragon starts o month and çkwhen these celebrations get underway the this is an alley off clay street ñ-where there is a ñ-lot illegal dumping. one man walked by and said we see this all the time. p
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looking for problemmed spots in the area. elsewhere in the city wherever they see problems this morning they are targeting china town and they will stay here in preparation. >> our çkstreets signal boxes. basically it is all çkover, parking meters. fire hydrant, fire call boxing, >> reporter: off of clay street again, illegal dumping, they will be cleaning the streets every day and they will nohav epufation campaign coming through. the idea is very simple, one, they want people k[ñcoming into chinatown during the new year's activities to see the best side of the city and if it is already clean, people are more
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likely to keep it clean. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news oin san ñíçfrancisco. a real life cliff hanger çkn san wgfrancisco's telegraph hi they are waiting for him to come i9down from a ñnfvññ-stee they say a man is there after breaking i9]tinto a nearby ho e5zñnñ-ñññ-ñnñ-ñ-ñ- seeing him come dg,ñ @&cnñ-ñ-ñ- escape. police cannot confirm those reports and believe he could still be waiting on the hillside. they will xface pornography -- child pornography charges and they were all booked ñ-on suspension of csñññ--possessing pornography in four unrelated ñ- cases. later ñ-ñ-tthis morning, j selection continues for the jury of a suspected gang member charged in the shooting of a father and his two rbsons.
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father and two wgsons back in 2008. they were shot in their car while driving home from a picnic. ramos mistook ñ-vlezçkkçí=xm,=6 for arrival gang member. -- a rival gang member. they are both recovering rá all happened yesterday é, morning and police were still collecting ñnevidence at the ho monday ñ-night. the robber, 30-year-old joseph kicked in the ni)nt door and detained ñ-the man inside. police say world war ii veteran ?-ñ-free, arm himself and shoot the man three times. leone was also shot )0joonce cheek and his downstairs neighbor describes x(mñnñnhim resilient. >> he was smiling. i am proud of him, ññkkdefinite
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proud of wñbg-him. >> she spoke with us later spirits and last checked both were listed in stable condition at marin hospital. technology is showing how many gunshots were shot into the air to celebrate the new year. they looked çkínñat the shot sp system ñ-where ñnthey strategic placed phones to monitor where guns were fired. they tell the daily news that system picked ñç-kup 177 m=o/gu 6:09 is the time ñ-let's check in on sal. we do have ibproblem at th' capital expressway which seems like a month in crash. ñ-ñ-ñ-ññn-ñ?kñ-ñ-çkçkñ-ñ-ñnñ-ç plaza although we ñ-are seeing more of a crowd ñ-in those 8hñf
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left hand lanes as we come up to ñnthe toll plaza and this morning if you are driving on interstate ñ-880 so far so good and as well as 580 on the maze. you may want to jot down possible rain on the 15th and 16th. we could use it based on how much or how little we have xhad so far. the city should have 9 and a quarter and ñ-they are only 36 below normal. 513 just over an inch and a x $çñ-k-ñomñ-çkç?ñçñnñ.nñpçkñ- which is a far cry from last year. some of the higher passes
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tioga pass, it's really dry in the mountains. we have a slight cool down and more ñjgof a westerly breeze, k will have bigger waves today iño into tomorrow and things o decrease rapidly as we go into the weekend. it means they are done ñ-but it is giving ñ-níçway c5éñkas far sonoma palo alto, hidden brook 39 in ñ-livermore, san jose 41. nice dated but not as ñnnice as yesterday, we have a little bit of ñ-a cool down and we are in the middle xof the months, just mostly q!sunny today and coole temperatures coming back to the upper 50s coast and bayside, mid-60s inland, santa rosa 64
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and not the 72 you enjoyed yesterday in santa rosa. we always show xyour weekend in view ñ-with warmer weather. back ñ-zjto the desk. his bosses, what is wrong with this soldier's appearance at ñ- headquarters. and theyá[z-are already mak for more. @@@
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. welcome back, president barack obama will tell i9us hi plan for çka smaller u.s. military. he is making his first appearance in the pentagon briefing room in just about an hour from now, allison? >> reporter: what the president announces will certainly have an impact on local ñ-troops and the bay area economy. leon panetta çkhas been working with the -?ólpresident to map on the strategy. he plans to shrink the size of the military and the u.s. will not q!ñ-have igz-the ability t 9649çkñu perhaps trimming a billion from the u.s. economy and the strategy will mean fewer soldiers and marines. what the administration calls surgical cuts to weapons ñnand
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benefits programs, we will have live coverage. president's announcement here on the ñ-morning news. for now allison burns ktvu çk channel 2 news. the race is less than a week away. candidates have their sites set on the new hampshire primary. this is mitt romney in salem ñ- new hampshire this morning. mccain is there as well and as you can ñnsee he announced his x answer doorsment -- endorsement supporters are predicting another come from behind. >> what a squeaker. and the question i have, can we do better here in new hampshire? >> the 40% mitt romney has in new hampshire now, i think when people see what santorum's capability is, it will have the potential to turn very fast.
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>> michele bachmann has dropped out of the race as we know and rick perry after reassessing is pushing on but is focusing on the new hampshire primary coming up january 21st. this is video of the army corporal stepping up in iowa tuesday night. he expressed his support for the óník;'ñnnqm!çkñ-ñng%=çñ problem is, military guidelines forbid uniformed members of the military for making political speeches. they are allowed to attend rallies but not in uniform. there is some good news this morning for the internal revenue service, for you procrastinators because of a couple of quirks in the calendar. you have a few more days because april 15th falls on a sunday and the next day is the
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image pacing -- -- the next day is a holiday. take a look at this, this - car pileup. no word on what started this. you can see clearly the weather is dry, it is not fog related. we just lost our picture and it likes like a 40 car pileup in texas and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. sal is watching your commute, how is it looking? >> it is certainly not like that in the bay area and we are looking at the roads getting crowded conditions on highway four as you drive over the willow pass grade. westbound highway four coming
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across from bay point to concord. are certainly a lot of cars and we already have slow traffic in the antioch area. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, not quite full strength. there certainly is a delay and for example last time last year we had a big backup and we don't have a big backup now but certainly a lot of people are showing up. they are clearing an accident which was in the center divide. let's go to steve. we have clear skies, patchy fog and some fog dancing off the coast. not a lot but it is a sign of a nni9omñkñd5ñjgí instead of that easterly
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breeze, it cools us down. 72 and 64 today, 56 in livermore. it is cold out there. 31 fairfield, a lot of 0s and 40s , palo alto 37, santa rosa 35, san rafael 38. the system once it moves through, all it does is fall apart. except for the north bay, seeing a few high clouds and coastal fog means a cool down. temperatures mid-60s inland and inner 50s and 60s at half-moon bay. temperatures will stay there
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and cold lows but the days will be nice. jobless claims fell by 15,000 last week. 372000 still filed for initial unemployment benefits but it is the 4th time that number has declined and it comes as private sector payrolls added 32 5,000 jobs in the month of -ñ december. they ñnissue their unemployment rate for xthe month of december it happened for the first time in seven years with much of the credit going to the british singer adelle and her çk second album which sold 5.8 million copies. sales have grown oñ-ç#ñ+kñ-çkñ- compilations of journey and other rock bands. it was an unforgettable attack on an american woman look back on the tucson rampage one year -ññlater. the reason grocery shoppers- could ñ-be next as the price
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. good at bay bridge toll ñ-ñ-yp there is a little delay, you
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can see traffic on the bridge rrthis sunday will be one year since the çkñ-deadly shoot rampage ñ-in tucson arizona. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be ñ-at çka publi candlelight vigil and her husband will also take part in that k[ñceremony. congresswoman gabrielle giffords ñnwas meeting with constituents at a supermarket last january 8th when she was shot in the head. six other people died in that attack. jared loughner is xñnstill in custody. the participants will receive glow sticks instead of ññçncan and the plane /9ñ-ñ-ñ-ñ-k killed 11 people in reno nevada, they plan on holding the races again this september. they say they are getting
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overwhelming support from the public to continue the one-of-a- kind races. tickets ñ2are already on sale they have not received any permits from government authorities to allow the races to take place. more qhu)ges may be filed on the man accused of setting more than 50 arson cases ñ-in l angeles. burkhardt has been charged with more than 30 counts of arson. burkhardt had to be held up by deputies and you can see he is x wearing a special gown that keeps him ñ-from ñ-harming hims the bail çkis set woumkat almos million. of his rage against americans and he is suspected of setting x his family's home on fire in germany uñback in t$uoctober. california's wildfire activity and the lack of rain has cal ñnfire on alert. the crews have responded to çk more fires last december than a
6:27 am
typical ñnñ-december. as ñ-a result. burn days have been canceled and they are asking for us to be especially careful. and the rain ñ-should be a lot -- the grass should be a ñ- lot taller and thicker but without rain it is thin and ñnçk short. with the cost of hay selling could see the affects at the grocery store. >> we had a big drought and if that happens in california, beef prices in the grocery store will ;+ñjmñeven go highe >> now in hollisster, wágñhe sp $75,000 to plant the crop but çk it is a total ñ-ñnloss. time now 6:27 it ñ-is a nonprofit which puts some of
6:28 am
the poorest xbay area residents to work but now they need help from the police. they need help finding tthe person who çbwoke in and damage their office p ñspace. the distribute over ñ-a yrri÷knñ-ñ-ñ-and ñnçkçkpam bri early stock numbers, stay tuned for more.
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. xon wall street, çkthey are ringing the opening bell live this morning. a lot of folks on the nasdaq are celebrating 20 years listedk on the nasdaq çkand they ñ-are there, the ceo and some of the k employees are celebrating ñnfit
6:31 am
trading on the nasdaq and the stocks are doing well, up $70 per share. healthy organic food does well on the stock exchange and we'll see how the rest of the business news does. >> thank you for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 news, it is thursday çkjanuary 5th, i [kñam clark. ñ-we are following overnighk news from oakland, once again çk police moved in on occupied protesters from ñ-frank ogawa plaza. alex savage tell çkus about thi latest raid, alex? gone. police removed it because they say the permit for the structure had been revoked. >> reporter: at least a dozen people were arrested although çk oakland police could not
6:32 am
provide a specific number. riot police showed up around 11:30 last night and police pushed back a h8ñññgngroup of protesters holding vigil here and city workers came in and tore down a teepee that was set up =ççon the plaza. earlier they had a permit but 'z the ñn-ññcity revoked that perm because there was overnight ñ+jz camping going on. one protesters distributed xñ- that. did have blankets because ñ-it cold as heck. most of the ñntime we were ñ-aw and socializing and çkbeing present, whatever, i mean it was not like we were having a full on camp out. >> çk)eporter: çkoccupied oaklam protesters put up that teepee çk after ñnthe original encampment at ñnñnfrank ogawa plaza was cleared out çkand i9it was mea symbolize their occupation of that -- occupation of this ñ-
6:33 am
public space. they say xthey do plan on ñ-som sort of a demonstration for ñ- later on this afternoon on what is described as a sit in at city hall at çk2:00 çokwñin. afternoon. live this morning, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 ñ!mñkxñ-news. employees at a licorice line in union city, you can see quite a few people holding signs and marching in the driveway of ñ-the plant, today marks one month since workers walked off the job. employees are upset because kmore for ñ coverage. but management is defending themselves. they are getting ñnñ-ready the chinese new year's celebrations and crews are ñ-
6:34 am
cleaning things up this morning, claudine wong has more. claudine? >> reporter: this is where the iconic entrance is located and crews are just arriving. - for a list so they can get up here and clean this from outsides so that when people head in from all sides to chinatown it is in x(mçktip to shape. this is only one of the areas and we çkhave been following graffiti crews going around cleaning up different areas ñ-o the city. the whole point of this is because ç3çkchinese new çkyear' starts january 2nd and the chinese new year's starts next month and they say if it is already clean, it is easier to we are making sure these things
6:35 am
are going accordance. ()hout here live, they just got here in the last couple of moments and they will use these types of machines to clean places like the entrance to chinatown and they will use it to clean puddles and alleyways e5sand tn alleyway was ñ-vfññnfilled with and garbage and illegal dumping issues, again ññ-nñ-they are ñn targeting the sole dumping area trying to keep these things clean so when everybody has their eyes on the celebration, they vfñçkare doing their best. news. ws
6:36 am
helped save lives. five people including three babies were trapped. a grandmother saved them by throwing them into the arms of a neighbor. firefighters say their crews worked as a team to ñ-make sure everybody made it out okay. >> xñni am so proud of our firefighters along with xour community in rancho cordova i ñ- honestly believe we saved five lives tonight. >> three families were displaced by the fire x=ñ[dand nobody was seriously hurt. a man was accused of kidnal be a nine-year-old boy last month. take a look he is ñn5-foot 6 wi a thin build. he reportedly approached a child playing outside his home on arrowhead drive on the day after christmas. boy car with candy when the boy said no, the man tried to grab his arm but the child was able to escape. ñx-a teenage girl in clear lake is accused of xhanding out
6:37 am
pastries q!laced with pot. she ñ-goes ñ-to lower lake schok in clear lake. one student became sick. family and was cited for what happened. police say somebody broke into the hayward day labor center over the weekend. thieves still to come putters healthcare equipment and guard denning tools but that was not - all. -ñ-n that was xñnot all. they even stole youth soccer uniforms. >> we are dealing with some of k the poorest people in south hayward avenue and in the county and all of ñnñ-them are looking for would be. >> those ñ-thieves also broke a vending machine wgas well. total theft is set to be $10,000.
6:38 am
later today he will be district attorney. he was ñnthere to ñnreplace pam harris. on a four-year term in the november election and i9 san francisco high school. and it was the last act of michael hennessey where he helped with the demolition of a county jail. >> there we ñ-q]iecñió.,go, wa >> whew! >> he chris ended the wrecking ball in san bruno. the last prisoner was transferred out of that ñ- building after a federal judge said being held there was çkcru and unusual punishment but it took until now to get the money to tear down the jail. hennessey said he promise missed to close oit down duri his first term in office 32
6:39 am
years ago. >> othis opened in 1934, the  same year alcatraz opened xin 1934. 1963. this building continued to operate for another 40 rbyears after alcatraz was shut down. >> hennessey is going ñnto reti tomorrow. sal is working hard this morning, how are the bridges and the roads? >> they are doing pretty well, no çkmajor problems, a couple o- minor things going ñ-on and letn take a look at some of these live pictures. traffic is moving along nicely and there are no major problems if you are driving on the commute let's say to concord, it will not be a bad commute. also the morning commute looks good if çkyou are driving on wg bay bridge bñrstoll plaza.
6:40 am
traffic there is a crash, nothing major but there could be a little bit of a slow down and as we move to the peninsular 101 to 280 is oñ- looking good. there were some çkminor crashes on 101, let's ñ-go to steve. a little quiet and there is more ñnfog on the coast and yuq)day the coast was clear and ñ-it >ñwnhas warmed up, .=ñ city and will be cooler a system coming in from the north and it gives xñnus a westerly breeze instead wgof the east northeast. there is some rain coming the san francisco only 36% of normal and most fell in
6:41 am
october. of normal and it's ugly. if ñ-çkyou missed this yesterda tioga pass is still open. not only ñ-do we çkneed rain bu need snow. nothing ñx8p-will happen for a least seven çke5ñto 10 days. this system gives us an increase in the wgnorthwest swell. nd we p"ut(v 31 cold degrees san rafael some cold numbers out there. kentwood as well. sonoma, palo alto, çklos altos. hidden brook and vallejo 38 degrees and petaluma 39.
6:42 am
high pressure will build back in, there is not much to it but it means not as much as warm as -- temperatures not as the ñng as yesterday. we will still have upper 50s and 60s as we ñngo towards ñ-th west and temperatures will level off today and tomorrow and with your weekend in view they will ñnwarmup on the ñ- weekend. çkñ-ñ-ç;- serious charges, the activity he is accused of ñndoing. paramedics ÷believe they could save the victim, we will explain. and driving on northbound 280 puts you on highway 17, we will tell you more x#kgtvçkñ-ab bay ñ-x6dlarea weather. hey guys, breakfast!
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. good morning to you, oakland police raided a camp at frank çkogawa plaza. it happened last night, police moved in on çk2 dozen protester who had set up a teepee outside oakland city hall. says they have to take down the permit during çñk-the overnight hours. a smoke detecter alerted people to xa fire overnight. it was in a vacant apartment
6:46 am
which was i9probably sparked b- an electrical problem. later today, president çk new smaller american military. it is part of a strategy ñ- budget cuts çkin the pentagon budget. homicide detectives are ñ-o reporter kraig ú deb police çkheadquarters with details about ço-the deadly shooting. >> reporter: good evening çki just spoke to the county no i.d. on the suspect. oakland headquarters there ñnwa ñmajor homicide department. it ;+khappened on the 800 bloc 55th street. it happened east q÷kand south o hyland hospital and at the time- the person who ;+kwas shot was
6:47 am
taken to the hospital. they believed that he had çk chance of saving the victim but proximity ñ-did not matter, the victim died. there were several people on hand last night and it looks like they may have known or perhaps have been related to the system. none of that has been able to be confirmed and we still need news kraig debro. people are complaining of 3 nasty smell this morning and it is the same area where çkcrude - oil spill happened. the odor is related to the çkçk pipeline lake. coming up at 7:05 we will tell n you why this stink has returned. a pilot accused of flying a plane under inñthe influence facing serious charges. two chp officers said they saw
6:48 am
his plane ñ-flying recklessly over highway 7 nrgknear infine raceway. they say he was dangerously close to freeway traffic. police followed the plane to o the petaluma kçñairport where failed ñ-the sobriety test. he may possibly uñloose his pilot's license. i want to go back to sal, no problems for the commute. >> the last time there was a problem on the sunole grade with the left lane ñofblocked, coming down to fremont from 680 so we are heading down to look at the sunole grade camera and i do see a little bit of wgslo traffic. nothing major, we ñ-çkwill be and let you know. let's look at westbound bay bridge, çkthat traffic is movin along well and ]ñthere ois a
6:49 am
delay at the toll xplaza. if you are driving on 280 northbound, ñ-it is a nice look looking nice from saratoga up to cupertino. here is steve. i painted you all a pretty picture trbtorninob]!%only took me an hour. we have mostly ñ-clear skies a little fog in the north bay and it ñ-will be cooler even though vqáuq)day saqhrosa was only livermore almost checked in at 70 san jose ñ-65. now san jose will only ]ñcool ç a little, 64 for santa rosa. 65 livermore ñ-and there is tha 64 in san ñ-jose.
6:50 am
many,o- theba8rñikñnñ-ñ-ñ-ñnñn mountain view, ñ-atmosphere then areton. >> 33 ñnoutside the square near the square 38 and there is ñnpa alto, petaluma 39 and çç-m;fwam canyon ñ-also saw 39. our system sitting to the north will not do much but ñnit is s3k giving us more of a westerly ç=k componení -ñ-and increase fog. coast mid-60s and a few upper 60s far inland çkbut upper 60s should cover the spread. not much ñnof a change and exce sunny and warmer. -ñ-gññcóz= holiday evening. macy's xsaw 2.6% 8$mnanalysts
6:51 am
6%. gap sales dropped their 4% and target sales gaped 1% but it -- gained 1% but it missed expectation. according to several reports kodak's stock opened at an all time low and the new york stock exchanged the company uç(;ñcould be dropped z the exchange by next summer. they are trying to sell off their patents to help sure çkup its ñ-finances. son was shot. why the police chief says the chatting is justified. repeals ñçnkon getting a referendum on the ballot. find out what is happening to the sunole ñ-grade.
6:52 am
stay çktuned for more area xnew
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6:54 am
. welcome back, dow jones industrial average down 100 retailers are really taking a hit especially target their stock is down çkñ- $380 billion, çkthat is the
6:55 am
disasterrers last year and the report says it makes it the most expensive year on record for natural disaster. the tsunami cost 10 billion in damages and the thailand floods- caused an estimated $40 ñnbilli in damages. the leaving parents of an ñ 8th grader in texas are outraged over the death of their son. police shot the boy following a tense confrontation in a çkmidd school hallway. police ñ.ñgñ-say he ñnpointed a and ignored their orders to çkrk drop it. it closely reaccident bells the÷ -- çkresembles the real thing. his father said they ñ-did not >> i understand they needed to do their job but they shot him -
6:56 am
in the head. >> the police chief said they had every right to protect x themselves and several students also thought the 8th grader was- carrying a real gun. the effort ñnto overturn th dream act, they say they are confident about getting a tx referendum on the 2012 ball ñ- lost.$♪ they have been collecting signatures for months. the dream act would ñ-allow illegal immigrants who graduate from q!ñnhigh school ññn-in cax to qualify for financial aid ñ- for public ldmme%ó=%k5t9ñf- california. they are aiming a program at getting teens summer jobs. the white house is hiring 180,000 teens ç+nthis summer, however the hill newspaper is reporting only 70,000 of ñ-them are actually paid jobs.
6:57 am
the rest are training vfñprogran geared to teach teens skills they will need in the workforce. coming ñnup ñ-on 7:00, goin back çkñ-to sal, sal? >> u%wright now traffic is moderate. an early crash on the sunole grade. they have moved to the ñnshould and whatever is there has now picked up. we have some slow ao1?çotraff off ñnand at the bay bridge plaza, it is light. let's go to steve. we have a very quiet pattern and highs will be in the mid-60s. all right, steve ñ-i9comin next, police moved in against ñ- against oakland protesters, the overnight raid that targeted x teepee. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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